Week 21 and 22 update!

  A bit of a belated welcome back to the production! When spring quarter started, the whole crew hit the ground running. We've been cranking out animation since the beginning, hand-drawn and puppeted alike. Hand-drawn animation is entering clean-up this week, and puppet animation is almost finished being roughed out. Audio and layouts are also being wrapped up. The audio had been running into problems, but layouts are almost completely finished for our film. We're excited to have them done and see the entire project come together as well! Really what's happening now is a lot of clean-up and finishing. We're very close to having a new, updated animatic to show everyone and we're really excited to show off all of our hard work! Thank you for your patience, and we hope you are looking forward to seeing our show!

Week 17 and 18 Update!

  It's been just a little while! Apologies for the slow updates, the producer sadly had some unfortunate life events that prevented updates. But we want to update you with everything we've been working on for the past few weeks! The puppets are ready for animation! They finished up in week 17 and animation for them began in week 18. We've begun animation for 9 different shots using the puppets. Right now our goal is to get some movement happening in as many shots as we can before the week 20 mark! We're still discovering and learning new things about the puppets every time we use them, so more fixes are on the way while we get used to them as well. Progress continues on hand-drawn shots. While we don't have many of them, the keys for each shot are almost complete! The goal is to get the keys done by the end of this week and begin polishing timing and movement by the end of next week. As shown above, our MOME artist is working hard on new shots for us as well! Here&#

Week 15 Update!

  We've wrapped up another midterm week! Each of us has been working hard on testing and fixing puppets and catching any bugs or glitches that occur. Our puppets are almost done being cleaned up, and we'll be ready to begin animating with our puppets very soon. It's exciting stuff! A couple of our hand-drawn scenes have been started as well. We're working on getting the keys drawn and feeling out the timing of the animation. We're hoping to work alongside the puppet animaters to keep the movement consistent and the characters similar! More layout work is being done on the side. Our layout and asset artists are doing fantastic work and we're really glad to have them! More to come soon, please stay tuned!

Week 14 Update!

  Layouts have been lined this week as we get ready to put together our latest animatic! We've brought on Layout Artist Daisy Julca to help us with our coloring process for layouts so that we can move onwards to other things so our core team can focus.  We also have Cora Keene as our motion graphics designer to help with a lot of our news-station graphics! Cora has been creating fantastic graphic designs for our project so far, and we are so incredibly lucky to have Cora on our team! Alongside the help we've been getting, our core team has been focused on cleaning up the puppets and dropping them into scenes. This is to help us get ready to put our next animatic cut together! We've also started a hand-drawn section as well, prepping to get roughs of those done ASAP! All in all, an exciting week! We can't wait to get further along in the process and start to see it all come together!

Week 13 Update!

 Puppets, puppets, puppets! This week was filled to the brim with work on the puppets! Hand packs and mouth packs for the puppets have been completed, so most puppets are completely done and ready to be animated with! Above is some test animation footage of Jeff by Andrew, who has played with puppet test animations for the better part of the week. What comes next are layouts and the beginnings of animation. We're going to start getting into the nitty-gritty parts of the animation, as well as working on the hand-drawn segments to get them out of the way early! Be excited; we're setting sail shortly!

Week 12 Update!

Here's a short update on what we did over the past week! Puppets are finished and being tweaked by our riggers. Mouth packs for characters are mostly completed, with one currently in progress, and hand packs are being created and finished! We've got a little bit to go before we're fully ready to begin the animation, but above is a video testing out the mouth pack for Jeff. Once all the packs are completed, we'll move onto more fleshed-out test animations.

Week 11 Update!

  It's week 1 of the new school quarter and week 11 of production! Over the break, more work has been done on the puppets for our characters. This week, to get back into the swing of things, we begin working together on the hand and mouth packs for the characters. Above is a mouth test for the character Chester! Next week, our goal is to wrap up work on all the puppets and get as many hand and mouth packs finished as possible! We have two people working on hand and mouth packs as we move forward, so it should go by fairly quickly. Look forward to seeing these puppets in movement come week 3 of the quarter!